The evil alien Blahnonians have only one goal: steal our socks to power their ships. On earth, in a Greenpoint, Brooklyn apartment building live four friends, two stoners, a school teacher and an engineer turned building super. To solve the worlds sock loss problem, the stoners create a website, which quickly goes viral.

This enrages the Head Blahnonian because it undermines his plans. He sends a Clone to earth disguised as porn star “Bubbles” to shut down the website.

Meanwhile, the building super tries to fix a broken sock-stealing washing machine and accidentally tampers with alien technology. A sock-tastophy ensues!

After Bubbles nearly dies from one hit of weed, our heroes theorize they’ve found the Blahnonian’s weakness and build a weapon that fires concentrated pot smoke - the Weedblaster 5.0. Armed and baked, they beam to the Blahnonian’s ship. Can our heroes stop the Blahnonians from destroying the Earth, one sock at a time, or will it all end in the ASOCKALYPSE?

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