Wild Game


In this adventure thriller, Wyoming hunting guide, Clay Wilson, has found himself crippled in debt struggling to pay his wife's fertility treatments without losing the family ranch. Clay's ranch hand, Banjo, tips him off that movie star, Donnie Deluca, is preparing for a role as a famoous hunter. Donnie is willing to pay big money to be guided on an elk hunt. The catch: hunting season isn't open yet. With Clay desparate to save his ranch and start a family, he compromises his moral code and takes the offer to poach wild game. This deal with the devil summons a series of unfortunate events including a dutiful game warden and his psychotic brother stalking their every move.


85 mins


Brock Harris


Matthew Daddario

Charlie Barnett

Creed Garnick

Allison Paige

Jared Bonner

Brock Harris


Johnson Brock

Chris Sibley

Danny Keck


Jared Bonner

Brock Harris