A Daughter's Plan To Kill


Katie and Greg Carlyle, a psychologist and a surgeon, live a perfect life in an idyllic suburb with their two teenage children, Tommy and Lauren

Greg had an affair with a woman in his early 20s who shut Greg out of her life after having their child. Greg attempted to maintain a relationship with his daughter, Samantha, but always felt ashamed that he wasn’t a bigger part of her life. When the mother dies suddenly under suspicious circumstances, Greg and Katie invite Samantha to live with them.

Samantha’s integration into the family is normal at first, but Katie begins to suspect something when she catches Samantha suspiciously snooping around her and Greg’s bedroom. Samantha takes it upon herself to wreak havoc and deceive her father of her true intentions with her new family. 

Log Line

Some second chances are deadly. When Katie and Greg Carlyle invite Greg’s estranged daughter Samantha to live with them, they didn’t know they were inviting jealousy, violence, and deceit into their home to wreak havoc on their perfect life.


90 minutes




Ian Niles 


Claire Coffee

Matt Dallas

Jordan Lane Price

Liam Obergfoll  


Ian Niles


Chanon Finley

Charlie Phoenix