Adventures of Dally & Spanky


Addy, a teenager, lives with her mom, stepfather, half-sister Ella, and Ella's dog, Dally. She looks forward to spending time with her father until she receives some devastatiing news. In wake of the news, she learns that she has inherited her father's minature horse, Spanky. 

Distraught, Addy distances herself from others despite Ella trying to reach her. When Ella finally gets through to her, they go outside to find Dally comfortably resting on Spanky. The girls get excited and Ella sees this as an opprtunity to reconnect with her older sister. The two create social media accounts and teach the animals tricks. They compete in Addy's school talent show and become a viral sensation overnight. 

Their newfound fame leads them to teach the animal's more tricks. Keeping Spanky proves to be a financial burden on the family so the girl's take Dally and Spanky to Hollywood to compete in a talent competition with a cash prize. Can the girls continue to get along and outshine the other talent?

Log Line

The film centers around a girl who inherits a miniature horse that develops an unlikely friendship with her half-sister's Jack Russell Terrier, who takes to riding on the horse's back.


84 minutes




Camille Stochitch 


Brenna D'Amico

Reylynn Caster

Elaine Hendrix

Denise Richards

Trace Adkins  


Tyler W. Konney


Tyler W. Konney