Arlo: The Burping Pig


The five-member Rose family has just relocated from Boston to sunny southern California. While the Roses are excited about the move, the change of scenery is particularly hard on seven year-old, Talia. Talia gets picked on by a bully at school while also having difficulty making friends. Fortunately Talia’s luck begins looking up. She find a playful teacup pig with a very serious burping problem in her backyard! Talia’s new relationship with her pig, Arlo, make her happy and help her stand up to her bully. However, fearing that her parents will not accept the pig, Talia tries to hide Arlo from her family.

Things start to look up for Talia and Arlo until an intruder breaks into the Rose house in attempt to steal their beautiful vase and other valuables. Arlo bravely confronts the intruder, willing to risk his life to protect his adopted family. The mean burglar, on the other hand, has no intention of letting a little piggy stop him, and is willing to do anything, even hurt little Arlo if necessary, in order to escape with his loot. Will the burglar get away with his crime, or does Arlo have the (pork) chops to save the day?

Log Line

The misadventures of a young girl and her pet teacup pig.



80 minutes




Tom DeNucci 


Joey Lawrence

Drake Bell

Jennifer Taylor

Amber Montana  


Tyler W. Konney

Richard Switzer

Phillip B. Goldfine


Eric Weinstock