Burning Man and The Meaning of Life


Every year, over fifty thousand people come to the middle of the desert to create a temporary city of epic proportions. Lines of RVs wait under the desert sun as thousands of people pour into Black Rock City. It can take up to six hours to get through the entrance gate and the sea of endless vehicles quickly paints the picture.

Why do all these people come to the middle of the desert to erect a temporary city? Why do humans do any of the things we do? We create lives, symbols, city-states, relationships, and experiences, and at the end of life, as at the Festival of the Burning Man, humans leave with scarcely a trace. An examination of these existential quandaries is framed in the context of the amazing visual spectacle that is Burning Man. Sex, love, politics, and life: nothing is off limits when “Burners” are given a chance to share their opinions about the question: “What is the meaning of life?”

Log Line

A stunning visual exploration of the Festival of the Burning Man against the backdrop of a question: What is the meaning of life?



76 minutes




Julie Pifher 


Julie Pifher