Dodger is the runt of a British crime family headed up by his father, Big Alan. He never gets a piece of the action until his sister decides to go to Hollywood and become a star, stealing a bag of her father’s cash before taking off. Dodger is sent to go prevent his clueless sister from falling prey to porn producers and the general underbelly of Los Angeles, and to retrieve the cash of course. Linking up with a crew of misfits to help him navigate the terrain, he crosses paths with Latino gangbangers and an especially vibrant underground sect of gay Mafiosos in West Hollywood. Finding his sister was only half the battle, now he needs to get her home in one piece, with an eclectic collection of enemies on his trail.

Log Line

The heir to a British crime syndicate travels to LA to retrieve his little sister and the money she stole from their Dad, traversing a landscape of boxing bookies and West Hollywood gay mafia.


90 minutes


Action & Comedy


Mark Jackson 


Mark Jackson

Simon Kassianides

Nadine Crocker  



Mark Jackson

Simon Kassianides

Nicholas Vedros


Mark Jackson