Welcome Matt


Matt is a twenty something year old up and coming filmmaker that encounters a traumatic experience on the verge of his big break into the film industry. As a result of suffering this traumatic incident, he finds himself developing agoraphobia and is now unable to leave his home. Feeling compelled to stay inside where he believes it to be safe, but still wanting to create art, he decides to write, direct and star in a feature film project that no one believes in! As a result of this, his girlfriend breaks up with him, he finds himself being broke and facing an eviction and his only saving grace is to take a movie deal to get back on his feet. But in order to do so, he must overcome his fear of going outside. So, with the help of an in-home therapist, Matt makes an effort to overcome his fears and go outside, in hopes of living a better and much more fulfilling life.

Log Line

Matt, a well-known writer and director, suffers a traumatic experience that leaves him deathly afraid to leave his house. With his career on the rocks, he attempts to write, direct and star in a feature film... all from his apartment. 


92 minutes


Drama & Comedy


Leon Pierce Jr.


Tahj Mowry

Deon Cole

Jazsmin Lewis

Adriyan Rae

Dorien Wilson


Jenna Cavelle

Jazsmin Lewis

Leon Pierce Jr.


Leon Pierce Jr.